Old Monkey Spirits
You are with us “Bon Bini”
Old Monkey Rum is an eight-year seasoned rum. Primarily originating from Jamaica, it is a mixture of different types of rum which have aged between eight and twenty-three years. A small percentage comes from Trinidad, Tobago and Belize.
Blended rum is very much recommended. Through the blending procedure, an equal quality is achieved and the blending provides for a well-rounded taste. The process of mixing requires a master blender with “a good nose” in the truest sense of the word.
Old Monkey Gin is a London dry gin at which all elements are distilled in pot still distillation.
Old Monkey Vodka is made from a five-tier distillation of grain alcohol. The most essential characteristic of this vodka is that the production is based on the tenets of the foreman distiller Dmitri Mendelejew, who is the father of Russian vodka.